Posted by: sherlockh30 | July 30, 2008

L’Arc~En~Ciel Rocks The World !!!

I started to like them when I was on college. My first Laruku (this is when they call them shortly) song is PIECES. This is really really GREAT sentimental song and is very popular whether in Japan or in Indonesia. My first collection of Laruku’s CD is chronicle 1 . This DVD contains 7 cool & great video clips. Since then Laruku rocks my wolrd !!!

This is a brief profile of Laruku (taken from

L’Arc~en~Ciel started their career as kei’s visual band at Osaka for over 15 years ago. Years after years of their career, their image became more mainstream. They created songs with broader range of music, from catchy pop-rock to ballads. With these music variation, they’re becoming one of the top rock band in Japan. Their popularity not only getting stronger in Japan, they even entertain music lovers all over the world, including Indonesia. This is a real sample of how music can be spread as universal language.


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