Posted by: sherlockh30 | August 2, 2008

Mysterious Cat

Wednesday afternoon, when I arrived at my home, suddenly I see a cat body behind terrace’s chair. And guess what, he’s sleeping like dead !!! Instantly, I grab my camera and take his picture. When I did that, the cat slowly gain his consciousness and starring at my camera. At that moment I thought that the cat will run because he’s scare of my camera. But surprisingly, he keep starring at my camera like he knew he’s being photograph !!! I think this cat should be a model or something related with photo !!! And what come next is more surprising, he’s suddenly stuck out his tongue !!! What’s on his mind ??? you wouldn’t believe it don’t you ? Here, exclusive on this blog I put in his photo ^__^ enjoy it !!!



  1. We give a name for him, it’s Sireng (see-rang). Currently, he’s in love with of the female cat in the neighborhood, akakkaka…. he follows her everywhere. Ganbatte Sireng, give us several cute kittens, okay?

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