Posted by: sherlockh30 | August 17, 2008

My Comment About The Mummy

Hello Bloggy ! It’s been a long time I’m not posting here…Well I just watch The Mummy 3 yesterday. Seems like the movie is promising when you watch the trailer. Over all It’s not too bad, the action is OK but it’s feel a little bit weird when I see this movie.You know when you watch action-comedy packed movie it has to be funny and exciting. But this movie, I’m not so sure I get that feeling. Especially when one of the character, “Lin” calls her friends, “Yetti”, I say, “what the hell?” This movie turns from action to fantastical one ! And it’s like ruin my mood. But anyway it has big star like Jet Li, Brendan & Michelle Yeoh. But I don’t know why Rachel Weiss is gone ! I like her better than ;I don’t know who’s her replacement; and the young Alex O’Connell doesn’t seems like he can act well in this movie. Maybe he’s just a rookie huh ? Well anyway it’s quit entertain me , especially when the cow puke !!! ha..ha..haaa….



  1. Sebagai orang yang duduk disebelahmu waktu nonton ini, aku setuju dengan komentarmu, hehehehe uaneh pooll….kesan horor (walau emang gak horor-horor amat) e ilang gak kayak seri2 sebelumnya. Kayaknya rate penontonnya jadi turun tadinya 18 tahun keatas jd kebawah kalee….kayak film hiburan anak2 sih….russel wong e mek sebentar lg keluarnya pdhl kan dia ehem..ehem…kayak e jet li lbh keren klo dia jahat gak tahu ya suka aja heheheh…salut buat om ku jet li (yg gak terima mohon di ikhlaskan)^_^

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