Posted by: sherlockh30 | August 31, 2008




RAMADHAN. Holy month, we are all always waiting every year. People always get excited to meet this special month, Ramadhan. A month full of God’s blessing & forgiveness where the gates of hell are closed & the doors to heaven are open wide. So let’s take this month as a moment to make ourselves better, wiser especially in the Face of Allah. This is the best moment to rethink of what we have done & fix it, to burn down all our sins.

There are 9 steps of what we must prepare in order to greet Ramadhan. Make your Ramadhan special. Preparation is 50% of success. So prepare yourself.


  1. Pray to Allah so that He would give us a chance to meet Ramadhan in perfect shape. With healthy body, we can do all activity in the whole month maximally.
  2. Thanks to Allah that He has give us a chance to meet Ramadhan and give His blessings to us all.
  3. Be happy & excited of Ramadhan’s coming.
  4. Make Plan & schedule to make this Ramadhan 100% utilized!!!
  5. Motivate & strengthen our heart to fill all the time with full faithfulness.
  6. Learn all the Ibaadah in Ramadhan.
  7. Leave all old & bad habits in Ramadhan.
  8. Feed your soul with meaningful readings.
  9. And last but no least, open a new-fresh page of your life


Please forgive my mistakes to you guys. Happy Ramadhan.



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