Posted by: sherlockh30 | October 5, 2008

CIRO has Babies!!!

Remember CIRO? My hamster that I had introduce to you before in this blog. She was giving a birth yesterday. And not 1,2,3 or 4 but five babies! But it seems that she couldn’t keep her babies all alive. When I woke up this morning, 2 of them died. Poor the babies. Maybe because Ciro is still young, her mother nature hasn’t been shown up yet. Maybe the babies die because Ciro didn’t give them nursery. So to anticipate it, I decided to separate Ciro from Tako, her husband. I’m sorry Tako. So that Ciro can be more focus of giving her babies nursery. Well congrats Ciro! I hope your babies can be all grown up and makes money for me! 😀

This few photos of them :



  1. Hi there little Ciros and Takos. We haven’t figured out their sexes yet, so let’s just call them that. I’m glad that Ciro started to care for her children. Before, we had to push her to her children, or sometimes shoved her children to her..:D. Hope they’re doing fine and grow up healthily.

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