Posted by: sherlockh30 | January 3, 2009

Resident Evil : DEGENERATION


Tadi malem jalan2 ke PTC liat DVD ini tanpa pikir panjang langsung aja aku saut, maklumlah aku termasuk penggemar berat Residdent Evil.Terus lgs aku tonton ama istriku td malem.

Well guys, if you are the fans of Resident Evil & you don’t like the HOLLYWOOD VERSION, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE !!! Highly recommended !!! It’s every fan’s expectation. Apalagi yg suka banget ama Leon & Claire. Mereka berpasangan di film horor-aksi yg cukup seru & tegang ini. Walaupun ceritanya cheesy khas RE, tp suka banget nontonnya. Aku berharap banget film CG animation ini bakal digarap sekuelnya ato dibikin serialnya he..he..soalnya di akhir film ada kecenderungan ke sana, ada cerita yg belum selesai, masih bisa berkembang lagi.

Ini sedikit sinopsisnya , well mungkin mengandung spoiler jadi kalo kmu mau liat filmnya & belum liat, mending jangan dibaca, he..he..

Masih berhubungan dengan Racoon City & Umbrella Coorporation, film ini bersetting beberapa saat setelah kejadian pemboman di Racoon City tsb. Ada perusahaan bernama WilPharma yg bermaksud membuat vaksin untuk T-Virus yg diceritakan sebelumnya telah mewabah & membuat orang2 jadi seperti zombie.
Namun perusahaan ini dicurigai telah mengembangkan jenis virus yg lain untuk keuntungannya sendiri sehingga orang2 dari organisasi TerraSave mendemo Senator Ron Davis, Pemilik dari WilPharma. Ternyata memang ada org dalam yaitu kepala penelitian yg bernama Frederick yg sengaja menjual T-Virus & vaksinnya ke seorang jenderal untuk keuntungannya sendiri. Lebih parahnya lagi dia secara diam2 mengembangkan jenis virus baru, yaitu G-virus.

Keadaan bertambah tegang ketika kakak seorang tentara, Curtis, seorang teroris yg berniat balas dendam setelah kehilangan istri & anaknya pada tragedi di Racoon City karena media tidak membuka kebenaran sesungguhnya mengenai tragedi tersebut menyuntikkan dirinya sendiri G-virus tsb & menjadi monster. Bisakah Leon S. Kennedy & Claire Redfield yg ditugaskan untuk menangani masalah ini bisa berhasil? Well saksikan filmnya guys, trust me, you’ll satisfied!

Ini sinopsis versi inggrisnya (diambil dari IMDB)

The movie opens with various news T.V. programs giving details pertaining to an incident occurring in Raccoon City, a made up (by Capcom) city set in the U.S., where a viral outbreak causes certain elected officials to send a nuclear missile to destroy the city. Another broadcast says that a pharmaceutical company, WilPharma, has planned to set up a new research facility in a (presumably) made up town called Havardville. We then cut to Havardville Airport, with planes taking off and landing. The film introduces us to Claire Redfield, who greets Rani and Rani’s Aunt. Aunt goes to get the car, and Claire and Rani await her in the lobby. A man with gray hair and a Brittish accent comments on American humor. We cut to Senator Ron Davis, dodging news questions and then ordering the police to clear the Terra-Save members from the airport so he can leave. As he heads to the door, a man in a zombie-like mask is arrested for harassing the Senator, and while he is being cuffed, a man shambles into the picture. Unbeknownst to the poor Security Guard who is arresting the protester, this shambler is the first zombie in Resident Evil: Degeneration. The security guard is bitten, and Davis’ two body guards shoot the zombie twice in the chest. One of them checks the policeman, and notes he is dead. The policeman suddenly opens his eyes, and bites the body guard in the calf. The other zombie then gets up and bites the body guard on the shoulder. Pandemonium breaks out, and people flee from the scene as the infected body guard bites a news reporter. A plane then crashes suddenly into the airport, and the door pops open, spewing several more zombies, throwing themselves off the 25 foot drop to the floor, then getting up and shambling towards Davis, his remaining guard, Claire, Rani, and a secretary. We are then put in a makeshift medical camp, where people are being treated for injuries. We are introduced to Angela Miller and Greg Glenn. They speak of a “special operative” sent from the White House. We are now introduced to our hero Leon S. Kennedy (The very same Leon we’ve grown to love), survivor of Raccoon City and zombie-extermination extraordinaire. He takes Angela and Greg and heads to the airport to save Claire, who’s holed herself and her comrades in a lounge. They enter an office of cubicles, and Angela goes to help a man on the floor. He tries to bite her, and is knocked off by Leon. He then starts shooting the now swarming zombies in the head, being as it is the only way to kill them. Greg jumps in, and sprays bullets everywhere. As the three exit, a female zombie breaks the glass near Greg with her head, and tackles him. Leon quickly dispatches her. Cut back to Claire, exiting the lounge wielding an umbrella (Colors, if you’ll note, Red and White, the same as Umbrella Corporation, and she notes this as well. She says quietly “Never saw this coming”, showing the irony of the Umbrella Corp. colors being responsible for killing zombies.) She then runs into Leon and company, who grabs the rest of the survivors and makes a break for the Lobby. Nearing the other end of the Lobby, Greg is bitten on the arm. Knowing what awaits him, he stays back and holds off the hordes of zombies with his automatic rifle. Leon and company make towards the exit. As they near it, army soldiers pour in, shooting at the approaching Zombies. Angela looks back, and sees that Greg is indeed one of the infected. She goes outside with the rest of the group, and mourns by herself for her fallen brother-at-arms. Cut to Curtis Miller, Angela’s brother and ex-activist for Terra-Save. He says a few words on a telephone, picks up a brief case, and examine’s a picture of him, his wife, and his son with Angela to the side. He turns the picture away from him, walks to the door, turns, and throws a match, igniting his house. He then leaves. Cut back to Claire, who notices several WilPharma trucks drive into the medial facility, and is outraged. She then sees the gray-haired man, who turns out to be the head researcher for WilPharma, and the trucks are carrying the vaccine for the T-Virus (for us seasoned Resident Evil fans, we all know what that means…) However, the trucks quickly explode, leaving the vaccine in incredibly short supply. Claire is invited to tea with Fredric Downing (head researcher). When they arrive at WilPharma’s HQ in Havardville, Fredric attempts to procure some more vaccine, and when the server crashes, he goes to fix it. He then calls Claire, telling her he’s in a high-danger zone of the facility, and that there is a time-bomb and she must escape… right when the bomb goes off. Claire awakens with a shard of glass in her leg, and after removing it, we cut to Leon and Angela, returning from trying to find Curtis. They split up, and Leon runs into Claire (again) He gives her a gun, and tells her to head to the only exit of the building, since the bomb destroyed all the others. He then heads towards the central plaza of the facility. Angela, meanwhile, runs into her brother, who, seemingly wounded, raves about “now we have proof”. They are surrounded by military soldiers, and when Curtis starts to transform into a G-Virus infectee, they open fire. He blocks the bullets with his mutated arm, and after achieving his goal, begins to massacre the soldiers. Leon comes in the room in the nick of time, and while most of the soldiers are dead, he procures a rifle with grenade launcher mounted, fires two grenades in quick succession, and traps G-Curtis under some serious rubble, presumably killing him. Claire, meanwhile, changes the elevator’s route to the main control level. Leon and Angela make a break for the exit with some surviving marines, when they are drenched in a liquid, and Leon notes that the building is being “sterilized”. The computer then announces that “Incineration will occur in 5 minutes”. G-Curtis, mutating fully into a G-Infectee, throws the rubble off, and while the marines try to escape in an elevator, G-Infected-Curtis breaks the elevator and mercilessly slaughters all it’s occupants (of course, there was no room for Angela or Leon). Leon and Angela are separated by a large piece of glass, and Leon yells “Run”! To no avail, Curtis catches up with them. At the last possible second before incineration, Leon takes Angela under his arm and dives into a pool of water. She has the breath knocked out of her from the explosion (which presumably kills Curtis), and Leon kisses her/breathes air into her. He shoots a hole into the glass surrounding them, and they catch onto a pole before being swept into the area where the central gardens USED to be… there is now a seemingly bottomless pit. Standing up, they hear the roars of Curtis. Yes, he’s still alive, and he begins clambering towards them. After a short flee, they are trapped on a section of the facility before in plunges downwards. Curtis knocks Leon onto another platform, and he must desperately flee before HIS section plummets. Curtis advances on his sister, and right before killing her, the beast notices the picture of him, his wife and child, and Angela on the ground. Curtis momentarily regains control, and yells at his sister to run. She does not, and, right as the section they’re on begins to fall, and right before Curtis attacks, Leon rappels down, and grabs Angela, and holds onto her as the station falls. Curtis’ tail wraps around her leg, however, and the situation goes from daring rescue to perilous drop, and Angela tells Leon to let her go. Leon says a quote stated by Angela earlier in the film, who, in turn, was quoting Curtis himself: “If you don’t try to save one life, you’ll never save any” and, with a precise shot, hits Curtis dead center in the face, killing him. Curtis’ body drops, the entire station explodes, and the shield protecting Leon and Angela closes. After a little acrobatic maneuvers, they exit the building, meeting up with Claire outside. After some very impressive detective work, the three figure out it was Fredric Downing behind the whole thing, and race to find him. Claire and Leon drive up in a car, and while Fredric monologue’s about having the last of the vaccine, Angela sneaks up behind him, disarms him, and arrests him. Cut to Angela in a dress, looking at Harvardville, and Leon and Claire approach. They talk about Fredric confessing, and Angela says to Leon “We’ll have to go diving again together sometime…”, referring to the kiss they shared underwater. Claire doesn’t get it, and her and Leon depart, with Leon saying “I’d love to.” Claire is offered a ride from Leon via Helicopter, but opts for a ride with Rani and her aunt. Cue credits, and a job well done to the fantastic work the developers put into this fantastic movie.



  1. Ahhh….. puas banget liat RE versi ini. Mirip banget ama game-nya sih. Dibanding dengan versi Hollywood yang gak jelas itu.
    Oh Leon…. aku jatuh cinta LAGI padamu!!! Tidaaaakk……
    Kenapa karakter Angela harus muncul sih? Jadi nyamuk pengganggu hubungan Leon-Claire aja.
    CLeon rocksss!!!

  2. Interesting… Gonna take a look at this…

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